Venice Child

ROSALBA CARRIERA (1675 - 1757)
Child from the Venice Family Leblond, 1730

The fragile ideal of beauty and the sensitive colorite of the time are both mirrored in the pastel painting of Rosalba Carriera. She developed quite a passion for pastel colours - as did the whole 18th century ... The silvery gray hair sparkles across the scarf onto the glowing silk of his garment.

The blue is as light and faint and weightless as the red which hovers as a notion of pink around the porcelain shimmers of this face ... An ethereal light like this can only be a gift of Eos the goddess of the morning dusk.

This soulful gaze of innocence, together with the small sulky mouth, often returned in other paintings as the main theme of the Venice of its time with its societal idealization of feminity and innocence. It is the youngest girls and boys who were cherished and worshipped as the gods and goddesses of their time in Venice ...